Balance Complete

I’m really not a fan of meal replacement shakes. I strive for a whole food lifestyle. Something about knowing you’re getting pure, natural nutrition from the original source.

Now that my little one is mobile, it’s harder for me to prepare a decent breakfast when it’s just baby and me. I’m breastfeeding and if I wait to eat until her first nap, my blood sugar tanks. Of course, sometimes she is content playing with something and I can fry an egg and grab an apple, but usually she’s Indiana Jones on a mission to find the lost who-knows-what and it’s somewhere, anywhere in my house.

One thing I really like about Young Living is Balance Complete.


I’m really impressed with the ingredients, texture, and taste. I competed as a bodybuilder a few years ago and have tried well over 20 kinds of protein powders and nutrition shakes. They aren’t good for you. My GI system was a mess for a long time. Many of them have artificial sweeteners and preservatives. They’re grainy and clumpy no matter how much you shake or stir them, and they rarely taste good.

I took a photo of the Balance Complete powder just after I opened it to show that it’s not a bleached white powder.


I also took a photo of it after I stirred it with almond milk for less than 60 seconds. No clumps. And it really tastes good.


Balance Complete has come to my rescue on those crazy mornings when I really only have 10 seconds to scoop, pour, and stir.




Obligatory new year post. Is it “new year post” or “New Year post” or “New Year Post”?

Resolution #1: Let stuff go. I appreciate languages and am 100% a rule follower, but at this part of my life I don’t have time to be perfect and make sure I’m grammatically correct. This blog won’t be perfect, sorry.

Resolution #2: Don’t be sorry. In 2017 there were a lot of things I missed or rushed through because didn’t have time and I felt bad. Really bad. But the last few weeks I’ve realized it’s because my priorities are in the right place. I have a new person in my life that needs help with 99.9% of everything she does. Okay, 98.9% of everything she does because she’s growing up, but I’m in denial. Not only do I have a baby, I work more than full-time as a nurse, I have an older daughter, a husband, and 17 (maybe more?) animals that depend on me too. Not trying to make excuses, but I need to cut myself some slack, stop apologizing for doing my best, and have some self-love.

Resolution #3: Self-love. I think by giving myself a pass for some things I’ll actually find the patience and focus I need to avoid missing and rushing things. I can feel a greater potential within myself. Hopefully 2018 will be my year to take a deep breath and dive in.

Diffusing Purification and bringing on 2018!